WAF Young Reviewer - Wordplay & Flow

30th June 2022

By Stevie

Wordplay & Flow is a creative platform to display the amazing work of the best and upcoming spoken word artists. The poetry industry is slowly becoming more hidden so companies such as Wordplay & Flow are crucial to keep the poetry community alive, healthy and flourishing. As a person with such a strong passion for spoken word, performances like this only inspire me to get involved and show me what I am able to become if I  continue to work towards my full potential. The show was hosted at The Bedford where there was immediately an upbeat and close-knit atmosphere, so I knew I was going to enjoy it.

The show consisted of 5 separate poems, all with such different messages, however all were so powerfully conveyed. These topics varied from the effects of the internet on younger generations to racism against south asians in London. Each artists view on their subject was thought-through and compelling, leaving the audience to walk away with something to think about.

Each performance left me with goosebumps after experiencing such a range of emotions. Every poets stage presence was energetic and unforgettable; the way they used the space and their voices added an astronomical factor to their production. Changing the volume and pitch of their voices to suit different parts of the poems was a very influential decision to intensify their sentences, making them even better. It was such an immersive experience and I would give everything to watch it all over again.

There were very serious topics discussed however they were very well explained so I would suggest this event to everyone, in order to be educated, reflect and enjoy! This show shone a light on the problems people do not want to bring up, the ones that are suppressed. After watching, I learnt that we need to bring it up in order to make change.

Discover: wordplayandflow.com

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