Toolkits for Contributors

A set of resources, tools and guidance for WAF contributors, artists and venues


If producing marketing materials such as flyers or posters, they must include the WAF 2021 logo. Before downloading our logos or artwork templates, you must read the logo guidelines.



The WAF Grant Fund is open until Tuesday 4 January 2022.

The WAF 2022 Grants support activities and events that will take place as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe. The WAF Grants are here to help you realise your creative vision.   

Grants fund up to 70% of the total project cost. The maximum award is £2,000. 

Waf Grant Fund Information         


WAF Access: What is it?

Find more information about Access Icons here.

Audio and Verbal Description are means of making the arts accessible through words to blind and partially sighted people, who use a lightweight headset to listen to the description during a performance or an exhibition.

Captioning is similar to subtitling and gives Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people access to your performance. 

Sign Language Interpreted Performances allow deaf members of the audience to understand your show and follow the story.

Relaxed Performances are designed to provide an opportunity for people with autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities or other sensory and communication disorder.

Touch Tours can be a great tool to allow blind and visually impaired audiences to experience your work, whether live art or visual arts.

Other Resources 
  • Artquest:
    Artquest are a great resource for everything creative related

  • a-n:
    a-n are a national organisation where you can get insurance included in your membership and access to draft contracts, jobs and opportunities.

Finding a Venue               

Finding a venue is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Check out the information pack below for some helpful tips.                   


Discover our guidance on improving the sustainability of your production, venue and marketing campaigns  - and read our sustainability pledge and action plan.

WAF Sustainability pledge & plan

WAF Sustainable Marketing guide

Draft your new safeguarding policy by using How to write safeguarding policies and procedures by the NSPCC.

The resources page also incorporates sources for training through e-learning. Many organisations use this for their staff and volunteers as it is a short and inexpensive way of developing safeguarding understanding and policies.

You can find Wandsworth Council’s Safeguarding Children Partnership here and information on Safeguarding and Adult Abuse here.


If you don’t yet have a safeguarding policy or safeguarding procedures in place, we recommend you have a look at the NSPCC’s very well presented resources.

Use the NSPCC’s free online self-assessment tools to review and improve your organisation's safeguarding arrangements. Two self-assessments are available - one for an education setting and one for voluntary / community groups.