WAF Young Reviewer - Fame Game

30th June 2022

By Karis

Game show contestant, Sophie, has been kidnapped. Can you find her in time?

You’re transported onto the set of a game show, but the star contestant is missing, and you only have 3 hours to find her. Running around Battersea, suspecting every stranger and putting together clues; this clever performance will seriously have you scratching your head and desperate to find out what has happened. It’s excellent fun for a group, so bring your smartest friends and your thinking cap to Fame Game.

It starts with you being given a map, a speaker, a device to keep track of your video clues and a helpful assistant, Annie, who is desperate for you to find Sophie. Using the map, (which for someone who is used to Google maps was way harder than I thought it would be) you walk around hunting for clues that you piece together and slowly find out more things about her disappearance and the 6 suspects surrounding it. There are amazingly subtle hints, many I missed and had to go back to find. You’re everywhere searching for passwords, photos and even bank statements. You’ll notice your whole group leaning over the phone - needing to find out what happens next!

During the game, I was so invested that I’m certain I saw some of the characters walking around near me and even called out for them. It’s so easy to become lost in the game and forget you’re not a real detective, which I found very amusing. They’ve taken such a cliché ‘murder mystery’ theme and placed you right in the heart of it, where you’re really starting to like the characters as if you knew them personally and then a clue is revealed, and you’ve completely changed how you felt.

Even though your feet hurt from walking around, sitting down is not an option, as you’ll be eager to find the next clue!

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