WAF Young Reviewer - We're Gonna Be Okay

19th July 2022

By Stevie

We're Gonna Be OK was a well rehearsed, thought provoking and joyous production. The dancers created different moods throughout each performance enhanced by the music and lighting.

The stories were interpreted with great emotion and the dynamic between the dancers expressed this skilfully.

The exuberance of the E33 children's company in Together was a joyful and happy experience. Similarly the Providence House team's Hope for All raised our spirits and a large smile. This contrasted expertly with the more sombre interpretations in, for example, Avis and Used to Be.

The audience, adults and children alike, were totally involved interacting with those on stage throughout the evening.

This was a brilliant performance by all the dancers and their 'behind the scenes' team. Thank you for inviting us to join you at the Royal Academy of Dance.

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