WAF Grants Awarded 2021

4th March 2021

Every year, Wandsworth Arts Fringe (WAF) Grants support activities and events that will take place as part of the festival. The grants are designed to help artists, makers and community groups realise their creative vision and engage with Wandsworth residents.

The WAF Grants are funded directly by Wandsworth Council which sets £20,000 aside to support WAF activity each year, with a maximum award of £2,000 per project.


WHABBstudio presents 

Citizens of the Climate 

Citizens of the Climate is a collection of personal written stories and audio recordings from Wandsworth residents on how they feel climate change is affecting the environment in which we live.

Discover the stories around Wandsworth and through an online map.

Location: Nine Elms, Wandsworth borough wide
Website: www.whabbstudio.org  
Instagram @whabbstudio | Twitter @WHABBstudio | #CitizensOfTheClimate #WHABBstudio

The Baked Bean Company presents  

[Re]focus: Exploring Unheard Voices  

The learning disability community has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, yet not enough people are speaking about it. Actors at The Baked Bean Company want their voices to be heard and to be listened to.  

[Re]focus: Exploring Unheard Voices is a documentary exploring how people with learning disabilities have been impacted by Covid-19.  

Location: Online only  
Website: www.bakedbeancompany.com
Instagram @bakedbeancompany | Twitter @BakedBeanCo | Facebook @BakedBeanCompany

World Heart Beat Music Academy presents  

Congrego! Festival 

Congrego! Festival celebrates Latin American music and dance, featuring performances from World Heart Beat musicians plus guest appearances. The festival will include a series of online Latin American music workshops for young musicians aged 5 to 25 to get involved with.  

World Heart Beat will also be presenting an online concert performance which will be streamed to care homes as part of their partnership with Artists ‘n Residents, an initiative bringing music to the elderly in care homes. 

Location: WAF Big Top and online 
Website: www.worldheartbeat.org  
 Instagram @worldheartbeat | Twitter @whbeat | Facebook @WorldHeartBeatAcademy 

Battersea Society in partnership with the Royal College of Art present  

My Battersea

My Battersea is a photography exhibition showcasing the work of the My Battersea Photography Award 2021 winners and finalists. The exhibition explores what Battersea means to those who live and work there. 

Location: Battersea  
Website: www.batterseasociety.org.uk  
Instagram @batterseasociety | Twitter @batterseasoc | Facebook @batterseasoc   

People Show and the University of Roehampton present 

141: Shop  

Over the years, People Show and University of Roehampton students have performed in venues like Putney Library, Battersea Park, The Horniman Museum and The Ram Brewery. In 2021 the venue is an empty shop unit in Putney Exchange Shopping Centre.  

Over two intense weeks, 25 final year students and People Show artists will create a live and digital performance inspired by the space that is funny, beautiful, imaginative and unforgettable.

Location: Putney Exchange Shopping Centre 
Website: www.peopleshow.co.uk  
Instagram @peopleshowltd | Twitter @PeopleShow | Facebook: @peopleshowltd 

Cat and Mouse Theatre presents  

The Adventures of S.U.S.A.N.N. The Robot  

And the socially distanced Dr. Morton Hyphen Sinclair 
My name is S.U.S.A.N.N. I am a Robot. I am travelling the streets of the UK to find out how to be Human, with my ‘maker' Dr. Moreton Hyphen Sinclair. 

Sentient, hilarious and inquisitive, S.U.S.A.N.N. wants to help the people see a lighter side of life as they wait in queues, take walks through the park or isolate in small communities.  

She can reach out to a pensioner in a bungalow complex and be close to children who have lost their playmates. She is the Robot we imagined in the 80's, clunky but very clever. 

Location: Balham and Putney high streets 
Website: www.catandmousetheatre.com  
Instagram @catandmousetheatre | Facebook @catandmousetheatregroup | #susanntherobot

Sound Minds presents  

Finding Strength in Small Things 

Finding Strength in Small Things is an exhibition of photo artworks from Sound Minds studio project artists at a pop-up gallery space. The exhibition follows a series of workshops led by artist Sam Haynes and photographer Alejandra Carles-Tolra.  

The exhibition will reflect on the artist’s experiences over the past year, focusing on what helped them to battle the boredom and loneliness of lockdown. We will be reflecting on issues of well-being, with local screenings of a documentary made by Sound Minds manager and filmmaker Paul Brewer, showcasing the exhibition alongside interviews and insights from the contributing artists. 

Location: Battersea Central Mission 
Website: www.soundminds.co.uk  
Instagram @soundmindslondon | Twitter @soundmindsuk | Facebook @soundmindslondon

Missing Pages Theatre presents  

Sunday Morning 

Sunday Morning is a short digital performance accompanied by an animation workshop for adults and young people.  

The show combines acting with live animation and puppetry techniques to explore our morning routines. Missing Page Theatre looks at what the individual parts of our bodies go through in the morning, and dives beneath the surface of what we do automatically. Seeking hidden stories, memories and fantasies, the show is a playful conversation with human senses and limbs, inspired by living with ourselves during lockdown.  

Location: Online only 
Instagram @alena__skalova | Facebook @missingpagestheatre | #missingpagestheatre

Wild City presents  

Big Sculpture Get Together  

Join Wild City for the Big Sculpture Get Together extravaganza. Create BIG towers, tunnels and boulders then roll, topple and scramble through at this unique live art event. 

Location: Heathbrook Park 

Weave Stories present  


Nothing is a short film telling the story of Rory, an actor and Wandsworth resident, played by Lloyd Hutchinson - Florence Foster Jenkins (Film), King Lear (National Theatre), Housebound (TV) - who finds himself sofa surfing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis hitting the performing arts industry.   

Location: Online only 
Website: www.weavestories.org  
Social Media: Instagram @weavestoriesorg | Twitter @weavestoriesorg | Facebook @weavestoriesorg

The Woodfield Pavilion presents  

Trees at the Woodfield 

Trees at the Woodfield is a weekend of art and physical performance events that focus on the good mental health of local communities, utilising the benefits of nature and fresh air on health and wellbeing. The weekend will feature a variety of walks, workshops and activities for individuals and families including art, movement and spoken word sessions inspired by the Woodfield.  

Location: Woodfield Pavilion 
Website: www.thewoodfield.org  
Instagram @woodfieldpavilion | Facebook @WoodfieldPavilion  

Simmy King presents  

Calvin’s Destiny  

Calvin’s Destiny is a British urban short film series that tells the story of love, courage and the desire to be accepted. On the surface Calvin has a good life, a loving family, a good career and a beautiful home. However, he is hiding his truth and is desperate to reveal who he really is to his family. Wigs, bright lipsticks and high heeled shoes are his thing...  

Location: Open Door Community Centre 
Website: www.wandsworthart.com/profiles/simmy-king  

Ballet Soul presents  

Every Soul  

Every Soul involves a series of low-cost workshops with Ballet Soul's Artistic Director, Ben Love.  

Dancers of all abilities (aged 8-55+) are welcome to come along and try the Ballet Soul style, which is rooted in the belief that every dancer has their own spirit of movement. Using soulful rhythms and contemporary choreography, dancers will be encouraged to find their own unique expression. 

Location: World Heart Beat Music Academy, Royal Academy of Dance and online 
Website: www.balletsoul.org.uk  
Instagram @balletsoul21 | Twitter @balletsoul | Facebook @BalletSoulCompany

CoDa Dance presents  

Digital Dance Takeover  

CoDa invites Wandsworth residents to experience an exciting blend of online and live digital dance. Expect dance performances on-demand, live discussion events, dance workshops and an interactive virtual reality installation for you to play with in person. Plus, Wandsworth residents will be the first to experience CoDa's fully immersive 360-degree virtual reality dance show, As The Floor Shifts.  

All activities are open to everyone and CoDa will be specifically reaching out to Wandsworth residents who have any experience of neurodisability and conditions such as MS, acquired brain injury and Parkinson's. 

Location: Online (discussions and workshops), Battersea Arts Centre and Roehampton Green (interactive virtual reality installation) 
Social Media: Instagram @codadanceco | Twitter @codadance | Facebook @codadance

Raysto and KP present

The Great Pebble Dash   

An outdoor game for all ages, families and bubbles. Follow the visual clues posted online to match the shapes, textures and patterns in the landscape and find tiny, pebbleface artworks by Raysto, hidden in plain sight. 

The pebblefaces are inspired by the shapes, shades and textures of the stones’ geological formations. Clues posted on Facebook and on #TheGreatPebbleDash on Instagram will give a close up of the hidden pebbleface, a general location and a number, so you can work out where you are on a circular route around the park. When you find a pebbleface, take an image or selfie (without giving away the location) and move on to the next one.  Post them all online and include #TheGreatPebbleDash when you’ve finished.   

Location: Heathbrook Park (10 & 11 July) and Wandsworth Park (26 & 27 June)  
Website: www.kp-projects.co.uk/the-great-pebble-dash  
Facebook @TheGreatPebbleDash | #TheGreatPebbleDash

Black Heroes Foundation presents  

John Archer  

An interactive event featuring drama, film, music, spoken word and song to celebrate Battersea’s first Black Mayor, John Richard Archer. 

Location: WAF Big Top 
Website: www.blackheroesfoundation.org  
Instagram @blackheroesfoundation | Twitter @BlackHeroesInfo | Facebook @blackheroeshalloffame 

Providence House presents  

YES Music Performance  

A multi-disciplinary and multi-generational creative arts showcase, highlighting the developing talents and aspirations of young people from Battersea. 

Location: WAF Big Top 
Website: www.providence-house.org  
Instagram @providence.house | Twitter @providenceHYC | Facebook @providencehouseyouth 

WAF2021 will also see the realisation of some of last year’s WAF Grants, which were not able to come to fruition because of the Covid-19 pandemic: 

Blackshaw Theatre presents  

Trouble at Sea: A Miss McSkimming Mystery  

Miss McSkimming takes to the high seas in her second adventure, written by Richard Stratton. Expecting a pleasant trans-Atlantic cruise, Miss McSkimming must instead deal with a missing companion and a series of mysterious thefts, all whilst trying to avoid panic amongst her fellow passengers. 

A rollicking comedy with mysteries and hilarious sound effects abounding, this radio play recorded in front of a live audience promises to delight audiences, young and old! 

Location: WAF Big Top 
Website: www.blackshawtheatre.co.uk  
Instagram @blackshawtheatre | Twitter @BlackshawUpdate | Facebook @BlackshawTheatre