Meet WAF 2024's Young Reviewers

13th June 2024


Introducing the WAF Young Reviewers 2024 - a cohort of enthusiastic and ambitious young people from Wandsworth aged 14-19, who will be sharing their experiences of #WAF2024.

As part of the programme, our Young Reviewers have attended an in-person workshop session at Theatre503 to find out about this year's WAF festival and to explore how to write their own reviews with actor, writer and critic, Kalungi Ssebandeke. The Young Reviewers will then get to choose which acts they would like to see and then review!

Look out for their reviews here on our website and on social media...

Meet Neelanjana...

Hey! My name is Neelanjana and I'm 15. I am a student of fine art and Indian classical music, and enjoy reading and writing. I’m looking forward to attending a lot of great performances during the art fringe and writing about what I see.

READ Neelanjana;s REVIEW OF Echo

READ Neelanjana's REVIEW OF still here

Meet Emma...

Hello! My name is Emma, I am 15 years old. I am very passionate about music, theatre and journalism, and this opportunity will integrate all of my interests! I am beyond thrilled to meet everyone and to partake in the WAF Young Reviewers course!

READ emma'S REVIEW OF go back for murder

READ EMMA'S REVIEW OF Piano of the future

Meet Hilary...

Hi! I’m Hilary, I’m 16 years old and I am incredibly excited to be a WAF Young Reviewer. It combines two of my passions, journalism and music, making it the perfect project for me. I can’t wait to meet other young writers!

Read Hilary's review of Most Notorious


Meet Isla-Sophia...

Hi I'm Isla. I’m 15 and currently studying film as it’s a dream of mine to write and direct my own films. I especially love 80s films; my love for cinema has also compelled me to write film reviews which is why I am excited to learn more about how to write them in the WAF program.

READ isla-sophia'S REVIEW OF full(y) english


Meet Nadia...

Hi, my name is Nadia, I’m 15 years old and am taking part in the WAF young reviewers program. I’ve always had a love of musical performance and am excited to combine my passions of music and writing throughout the next month. I’m very grateful to meet other young people like me and for this opportunity! 

READ nadia'S REVIEW OF serene sounds


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