WAF Young Reviewer - Fame Game (Again!)

8th July 2022

by Sapphire

I went to Fame Game with my best friend and all I can say is that it was absolutely brain-wracking and I look forward to when I can participate in another event like it. It made me feel like a detective, solving a missing persons case. I felt like Sherlock Holmes and the anticipation of who would be found guilty was the biggest factor in my engagement with the game. There were twists and as we got the clues, we were slowly putting it together which made us feel like geniuses.

I love how we could interact with the characters and the way we kept moving for different locations was so much fun. I hope other people get to try things like this as it was so rewarding and engaging. Not only that, but it also kept our brains moving the whole time. Creating a "missing person case" for us to "solve" was incredibly creative and I had the best time.

Me and my friend really enjoyed it. I thought it was very well thought out and although it took two and a half hours, it was worth every minute.

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