Meet WAF's Young Reviewers

16th June 2022

Meet the WAF Young Reviewers - a cohort of brilliant young people from Wandsworth aged 14-19 who will be sharing their experiences of #WAF2022.

As part of the project to develop arts writing skills and engage young people with WAF, the Young Reviewers attended an in-person workshop session at Theatre503 to find out about this year's festival and explore how to write their own reviews with actor, writer and critic, Kalungi Ssebandeke, before choosing which WAF events they'd like to attend and review.

Look out for their reviews here on our website and on social media...


Hi, I’m Stevie! I’m 14 years old and an aspiring journalist. I like to think of myself as strong-minded and creative so thought that WAF young reviewers would be a perfect opportunity for me. I love to listen and make music, write and dance. My passion for a range of activities has definitely made me excited to see the performances that WAF has in store. 

Hey! My name is Cody and I’m a 17-year old Australian Londoner from Putney.

Some of my interests include writing songs on the guitar and the piano, taking blurry photographs, and writing about the music that I listen to.

I joined the Young Reviewers because understanding and analysing art of any type feels inherent to who I am.

Hi! My name is Sapphire-Ann, and I love music and reading. I have a deep-rooted passion for art and music all the way back to when I was a toddler. I love all forms of art.

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing my opinion on several events at WAF, as I am open minded and excited to discover new artists.

Hi! I’m Karis and I’m 15. I have a passion for playing games and solving difficult puzzles.

I’m a big fan of interactive performances that involve the audience, especially ones where you have to solve mysteries, because I love feeling like a part of the show.