Deep Sea Rising

Deep Sea Rising Title Image

This 10-min animated video questions what rising sea levels could entail for future topologies, alluding to the ancient story of Atlantis.

The work sees computer generated waves and deep underwater noises submerge environments. The use of digital technologies aims to mobilise conversations on climate change in the community.

Plato’s 2300+ year old fable portrayed an ancient city, known for its advanced wisdom flooded by the ocean. The story of Atlantis has been theorised and mythicised; often framed in the discovery of hidden precious artefacts.

Much of the media glamorises the lost city leaving future generations pining over lost treasure. Our project looks to treasure the land we live on, and provoke the question of how we can avoid the loss of landscape and habitats in the new century.

Predictions of rising sea levels are shown to have detrimental effects on areas of land. The work shares statistics and imagines what the effects of climate change could entail for the future environment.

Supported by Wandsworth Council.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/CgylXEQMcDI


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Event Dates

21 May, 5.30pm ongoing

Deep Sea Rising Title Image
Deep Sea Rising Title Image
Deep Sea Rising Still
Deep Sea Rising Still
Deep Sea Rising Still