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Edward Day / Fragility Takeover
Too Pretty to Punch
Francesca Beard
How to Survive in a Post-Truth Apocalypse
Gillian English / Fragility Takeover
She Wolf
Film on Film Entertainment / Fragility Takeover
A Simple Wedding Comedy
Word of Mouth Theatre / Fragility Takeover
PotatoPotato Scenkonst / Gothenburg Fringe / Fragility Takeover
Sincerely Solo
Tara Theatre: Natalie Haynes
Honour Among Thebes
Max Calaf Sevé | Battersea Circus Garden
dip (Preview)
Mouths of Lions / Fragility Takeover
Stick or Wizzard
Royal Academy of Dance
Get a Taste for Dance
Glass Half Full Theatre / Fragility Takeover
Brittle Britain
Over the Pond Productions / Fragility Takeover
Lady of Stavoren
The Twins Macabre / Fragility Takeover
Pump House Gallery
Tara Theatre: Eileen Page
Eleanor of Aquitaine – Mother of Pride
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
Art on the Brain
Eleanor Conway / Fragility Takeover
Eleanor Conway: WIP
Pump House Gallery
Spin the bottle: Take two
Dada For Girls / Fragility Takeover
Eat Me (or the dream of a feast)
The Beatbox Collective
What's Your Sound?
Westdal and Hayward
Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver
Pump House Pavilion
We Should Live More on Staircases
Art Sung
Art Sung: Alma Mahler
Fauna | Battersea Circus Garden
Tara Theatre: The Karavan Ensemble & LUME Teatro
The Errant Stage presents
WAF on Wheels
Mary Sharratt
The Ecstasies of Alma Mahler
The Cat's Back / Fragility Takeover
Royal Street Party
Louis Morel
Mind, Matter and Monsters
World Heart Beat Music Academy
Open Day
Maria Negoita / Fragility Takeover
Nothing Like Your Profile Picture
Joe Bains / Fragility Takeover
Curried Mustard
Simple Cypher | Battersea Circus Garden
Cypher Stories
Music Box Theatre / Fragility Takeover
Emma Lucia Reyes and Emilio Reyes
Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover
Esprit Concrete | Battersea Circus Garden
Big Art Picnic
Magdalene Players
Intent to Murder
Waste Paper Opera Company
i: the Opera
Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover
Agenda Benders Presents Witty Gritty Bitty Fitty Committee
Lesley Stone / Fragility Takeover
Up for It
Dan Simpson / Fragility Takeover
Avocado Economics
Work and Play Scrapstore
Hazelfest 2018
Hikapee Theatre | Battersea Circus Garden
Pump House Pavilion
Menatwins: Flirting with the Self
First Storey Productions / Fragility Takeover
Duckpond: An Element of Mystery in Umpteen Slides
Port Dance Theatre Project | Battersea Circus Garden
Pibroch Tales
PanGottic Circus–Theatre | Battersea Circus Garden
Nigel NG / Fragility Takeover
Malaysian Sensation
Pump House Gallery
Spin the bottle: Take one
Part of the Main Productions
The Squirrel Plays
Pump House Pavilion
Poetry Workshop with Nego True and FAST (part of e:merge)
The Errant Stage
Big Red Poetry Tour: Open Mic
Big Art Picnic
Zahra Barri / Fragility Takeover
Zahra: Warrior Not Princess
Struan Logan / Fragility Takeover
Struan All Over The World
The Intimate Strangers / Fragility Takeover
Wuthering Heights
Jason Patterson / Fragility Takeover
Act Natural
Norman the Dapper Rapper / Fragility Takeover
Freedom of Expresso
Cube Station
Swing Patrol | Battersea Circus Garden
Swing Fling
Marcus Reeves / Fragility Takeover
Sighs Ten
Sound Minds/Sam Haynes
Locals' Art Hut
Pitchbend Productions | Battersea Circus Garden
Circus Garden Family Days
Putney Theatre Company
The Importance of Being Earnest
Purple Theatre / Fragility Takeover
Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou / Fragility Takeover
Mirrored Me
Noel Gay MGMT / Fragility Takeover
Nick Hall: Spencer
Kit Finnie / Fragility Takeover
Mabel and Mickey
Lauren Byrne and Emma Martin
Ruzha Ruzha: African drumming and dance weekend
Providence House
Little People Big Ideas 2
Grant Busé / Fragility Takeover
The Birds & The Beats
Miranda Porter / Fragility Takeover
S/he/it Happens
Pump House Gallery
Action Space: Cube Station
Michelle Zahner / Fragility Takeover
A Modern Guide to Heroism & Sidekickery
Amber Hatch
Mindfulness for Parents
Seska / Fragility Takeover
Spot the Difference!
Deborah Burnstone
Words of Wisdom
Spilt Milk
Spilt Milk Presents...
Bibi and Bichu | Battersea Circus Garden
Acts from Ethiopian Dreams
One Foot in the Door Productions
Jones': An Immersive Show
Marie Klimis
The Paper Traveller
John Brackenridge / Fragility Takeover
You're Nicked!
Too Many Figs / Fragility Takeover
Tara Theatre: The Blue Stocking Society
Secrets of The Bluestockings
Flagz Mas Band
Flagz Carnival Day
Suzanne Collier
How to Get Paid as a Writer
Holly Delefortrie / Fragility Takeover
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Noel Gay MGMT / Fragility Takeover
Josh Berry: Voice Thief
Matt Price / Fragility Takeover
Last Night a Weegie Saved My Life
Molly Flatt
Writing Your Novel: How I Wrote and Published My First Novel and How You Can Too
Soup-Stained Arts / Fragility Takeover
Royal Academy of Dance
Pop-up Dance Day
Eddie Summers / Fragility Takeover
Rocket Fuel
World Heart Beat Music Academy | B'sea Circus Garden
Showcase Jazz Concert
Ian Lane / Fragility Takeover
Joe Jacobs / Fragility Takeover
Gráinne Gillis / Fragility Takeover
Mezzo Sings the Bard
Townsend Theatre Productions
We Are The Lions, Mr Manager: Jayaben Desai and The Grunwick Strike
Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover
I Can't Do This
Juozo Miltinio Dramos Teatras | Battersea Circus Garden
The Witch's Necklace
Billie (Elspeth) Penfold
Thread and Word
RedSand Theatre / Fragility Takeover
A Beautiful Day Forever
Royal Photographic Society
London Region Members' Exhibition
SW15 Social Drawing Meet Up / Fragility Takeover
J'adore la Vie: Life Drawing Fringed Up
Eddie Forde
Putney Poems
The Errant Stage
Big Red Poetry Tour
New Stagers
Scene Unseen 3
Sugar Butties / Fragility Takeover
Trolley Girls
Gary G Knightley / Fragility Takeover
T**t out of Hell
WenLin Chinese School
Chinese Traditional Arts Festival
Nikki & JD | Battersea Circus Garden
Rooting Tooting Productions
Hannah Need, The Storyteller of Southfields
Not All Princesses Wear Pink
Vincent Brass Ensemble
Vincent Brass Ensemble presents...
Otto Gumaelius / Fragility Takeover
A Taste of Southern Africa
Hot Air Baboon Productions / Fragility Takeover
Artcoholic: Life of Muchachico
National Opera Studio
Magic Wandsworth
Superglue Assembly Line / Fragility Takeover
Mexico: A Love Story
Rooting Tooting Productions
Tooting Shorts
Seeds of Art Foundation / Re:zone8
Be:U Fest [Now cancelled]
Urielle Klein-Mekongo
Balham Bowls Club Presents
Sunday Afternoon Live Music Sessions with Fuzion and Inside3
Filth Presents / Fragility Takeover
A Woman in Search
James Thorp and Angus Mackinnon
The Elephant in the Room
Electrick Village
The Extension
The Errant Stage presents
WAF on Wheels
Fayre Players | Battersea Circus Garden
Malcolm and the Storydrivers
Agora Arts Circle
Missing Element
Paul Savage / Fragility Takeover
Performative Wokeness
A Human Love Story
A Love Letter to London
Georgie Morrell / Fragility Takeover
Sadiq Sadiq & Vendetta Vain | Battersea Circus Garden
Our House
Stunning Productions / Fragility Takeover
Stunning Meara
SW15 Social Drawing Meet Up
Neon Naked: Life Drawing Fringed Up
Intoon Dance
Please Select: [City]
Sprout Arts
Affordable Art Exhibition 2018
Green Curtain Theatre
Traitors, Cads and Cowards
Doubtful Sound / Fragility Takeover
The Women of Ishikawa
5women104years / Fragility Takeover
Pump House Pavilion
Menatwins: Borders of the Self
Richard Butchins
213 Things About Me
Royal Academy of Dance
Delve in to Dance History
Music Box Theatre / Fragility Takeover
John R Inglis and Jill Sanders
Wandsworth Society: Presentation of the Panorama of the Thames
Ross Spaine / Fragility Takeover
Rob Thomas / Fragility Takeover
Sound and Space
Into the She
Chris Wall: Mind Reader / Fragility Takeover
Decisions, Decisions...
Edible Avenue SW8
Seed Bomb Dance
Luke Poulton, James Cartwright and Will Preston / Fragility Takeover
Two Vegans and a Bald Guy
Dada For Girls / Fragility Takeover
Wes Barker / Fragility Takeover
Magic In Your Pants
Balham Literary Festival
Beach Beneath The Street: 50 years since May '68
Sara Hardy
The De Morgan Collection
The Antique Breadboard Museum
The Antique Breadboard Museum
Lost in Translation Circus | Battersea Circus Garden
The Hogwallops
Jill Laudet
The Public Treasure
José Triguero and Gemma Palomar | Battersea Circus Garden
Cul de Sac
Pump House Pavilion
Spoken Word with Nego True and FAST (part of e:merge)
Tara Theatre: Nina Kristofferson
Billie Holiday Story
Sky or the Bird / Fragility Takeover
Riot to Heaven
Providence House and Friends
Baby Disco
Simon Brett, Sheila Keating and Amy Baker
HRF Keating and Travels in South America
Theatre in Black / Fragility Takeover
Numbered Days
Tara Theatre: Theatrical Niche
A Doll's House
Black Heroes Foundation
Heroes' Debate
Blackshaw Theatre Company
The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell
GAFA Arts Collective (GAC) / Fragility Takeover
Baba the Bad Baboon (How the Baboon Lost its Tail)
Dawn Ellis
Monstrous Tales: Live storytelling and music
Isabel Losada
Life, Happiness and Everything
Laro Chien
How Old Are You?
Tic Tac Theatre / Fragility Takeover
Nature Knows Best
Tomás Ford /Fragility Takeover
Crap Music Rave Party
Caius House | Battersea Circus Garden
Oily Cart
Theatre for People with Complex Disabilities: A Practical Hands-On Introduction
Max Scratchmann / Fragility Takeover
The Last Burrah Sahibs
Will Purdue and Liza Bec
Beyond the Blonde/Rumour and Confession: double EP launch
South Thames College Creative Industries Showcase
STC Takeover
Gil Mualem-Doron
Protesting for Diversity: A Free Workshop and Exhibition
Flying Fantastic | Battersea Circus Garden
The Forgotten Night
Rogue Opera
Bizet's 'Carmen'
Tania Hawthorne-Marchori
The Forest of No Returns
The Errant Stage presents
WAF on Wheels
Pitchbend Productions | Battersea Circus Garden
Hoops and Loops: Festival Opening Cabaret
Tara Arts
I'll Say it Again! A season of work by women artists
South London Jazz Orchestra
Larger Than Life
Silvia Ziranek
Better Bestness
The Errant Stage presents
WAF on Wheels
Lobster Quadrille / Fragility Takeover
Ismena Collective
The Heart of the Romantic: The Schumanns and Brahms
Treblemakers and Friends at the Bandstand
Professor Jack Darcy / Fragility Takeover
Apocalypse Live
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