Madi Maxwell-Libby


Is time really money? Is money really time? What is the 'neoliberal agenda' and why don't I have a copy?

Join award-winning office temp* and professional spare wheel Madi Maxwell-Libby on a journey to better understand our economic system. Prepare for drills, dancing and some heavy-duty irony in this satirical skewering of life under capitalism.

It's economics Jim, but not as we know it.

*not a joke


Madi Maxwell-Libby is a comedian, spoken word artist and winner of the Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2016.

She is a member of the Soho Theatre’s Comedy Lab and is currently Resident Artist at the Roundhouse. This show has been developed with the support of Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People's Theatre and Roundhouse London.

The Cat's Back: 20 May, 8.00pm — 9.00pm,
The Cat's Back: 21 May, 6.00pm — 7.00pm
Pay what you can on the door, or £5 in advance
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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