Little Soldier Productions

Expect Fireworks

Merce and Patricia are here to explain CHANGE in 20 idioms. Why? Because they feel like it. Why? Because they are free. They are going to need some assistance to keep track of time, they are Spanish after all… Expect some gazpacho, some AC/DC tracks and some good old passionate outbursts but above all, expect fireworks.

A sneak peak into anger, frustration and changing the world from The Stage and Argus Angel award winning Little Soldier Productions, who are opening their new show DERAILED at Battersea Arts Centre, 29-31 May 2017.

The Cat's Back: 17 May, 8.20pm — 8.40pm,
The Cat's Back: 19 May, 7.00pm — 7.20pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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