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10 June
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Immerse yourself in 'Spaces', an anthology series of five audio plays. Each story invites you into a distinct audio space to explore memory, isolation, the pain of change, and the beauty of connection. Enjoy all that audio has to offer as innovative sound design takes you on an eclectic journey through comedy, tragedy, absurdity and realism.

Each play can be listened to at your own leisure, either in your own space or in the setting in which the story takes place. All are best enjoyed through headphones.

Born in a lockdown world, 'Spaces' explores how our experiences are rooted in our surroundings. A toilet cubicle, a car, a bath, a corridor, IKEA: ordinary spaces are transformed into sites for extraordinary and intimate stories.

The shows were written through collaborative and exploratory workshops and produced remotely by emerging artists with no external funding. Money raised through ticket sales will go first towards covering production costs and then towards a profit share for the artists involved.

'Spaces' is independently produced by Baker Street Productions Ltd. Content warning: this show contains strong language, references to xenophobia, adult content, and death.

© Copyright Baker Street Productions Ltd 2021

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