Beatrice Boivineau

Japanese Tenshintaido for Joy and Confidence

19 June
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Opening our hands, we open our body and heart, offering the best of ourselves to others and to the Life.

Part of the WAF Dance Weekender: Riverside Dances at bbodance.

Our body is a magnificent gift from the universe that allows us to express who we really are, deep within ourselves.

Through simple movements, we can release stress and become as relaxed as seaweed in the ocean. Then we can reopen our hearts, and regain our confidence and original joy. We can reconnect to our deepest roots and find who we really are - thus, we can express and share our full potential of light and joy with confidence.

Tenshintaido, created by Master Hiroyuki Aoki, aims to attain true freedom, creating peace and harmony through physical expression. Using our body, we can learn to live in harmony with self, society, nature and the fundamental life force of the universe.

Beatrice Boivineau has been practising Tenshintaido for more than 20 years - 11 years in Japan, where she practiced and taught Tenshintaido in the Central Dojo in Tokyo. She moved to London in 2019 and is the director of Tenshintaido Kooki Dojo where she teaches Tenshintaido and Kenbu Tenshinryu (Japanese sword) in-person and online for small groups or one-to-one. She also does Shiatsu massages and Calligraphy initiation.

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Ensign House, Battersea Reach, Juniper Drive, London, SW18 1TA
19 June, 2.10pm — 3.00pm Remind me
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Tel: 07729742564
Various expressions of Tenshintaido, opening, relaxing, offering ... and always enjoying ! Lets try !
Various expressions of Tenshintaido, opening, relaxing, offering ... and always enjoying ! Lets try !
Relax completely, and move freely without any tensions, as soft as a seaweed
We practice also

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