John Perkins

Ballerinas and Battleships - 21st Century Monochrome

10 June — 18 June
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Sebastopol war memorial cleaning.

Journey with award-winning John Perkins as he looks back on twenty years of black and white photography and celebrates his return to London. From Boris Johnson’s 2001 election campaign to work camps in Dubai, and from his mother-in-law’s native Crimea to a decade of living in Cairo.

“My first love is black and white. It tells us that history is repeating itself – like the unchanging fates of the Tory heartland or battleships in Crimea – things we think don’t exist anymore, but they do. It’s also the process from having a physical box in a camera, sending it to a lab, getting the prints – it’s slower, more deliberate. Everyone nowadays is moving so fast, it’s good to slow down sometimes.”

Ballerinas and Battleships will be held in a pop-up venue in Putney Thamesfield, and this exhibition is a rare opportunity to witness the world through John's eyes. Having lived in Cairo for over a decade, John has returned to his native London and will be showcasing over 70 photos and videos across five rooms.

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PopUp Gallery
52 Sefton Street, Putney, London, SW15 1LZ
10 June, 11.00am — 6.00pm Remind me
11 June, 11.00am — 6.00pm Remind me
17 June, 11.00am — 6.00pm Remind me
18 June, 11.00am — 6.00pm Remind me
Free, no booking required

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