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CANCELLED: The Suitcase Circus


The Barker comes from a long line of circus folk yet has none of their skill. He grew up touring the big top around the world with his grandiose father. He witnessed acts that defied logic, defined generations and underlined the majesty of those that entered the sawdust ring. But now the great names of circus have passed into history.

Through the modern-day magic of Augmented Reality, The Barker and his miniature assistant recreate these often forgotten stories of circus before your very eyes.

The Suitcase Circus is a live performance, happening in WAF Big Top on 26 and 27 June!

Event Dates Live in Venue

WAF Big Top / 26 June, 2.00pm — 2.20pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 26 June, 2.25pm — 2.45pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 26 June, 2.50pm — 3.10pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 26 June, 3.15pm — 3.35pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 26 June, 3.40pm — 4.00pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 27 June, 3.30pm — 3.50pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 27 June, 3.55pm — 4.15pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 27 June, 4.20pm — 4.40pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 27 June, 4.45pm — 5.05pmTickets: £6.00

WAF Big Top / 27 June, 5.10pm — 5.30pmTickets: £6.00

Two people sit at a table viewing a miniature, augmented reality character.

Event Information

WAF Big Top
King George's Park
Lower Field
Mapleton Road
SW18 4GA


Theatre / Performance


Live Indoor


help Level Access
help Wheelchair Access
help Accessible Toilet

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