Plumm (World Heart Beat Music Academy)

Loop shed sessions


Plumm is a hybrid multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer hailing from South London. Graduating from the BRIT School and then a SOAS degree in Ethnomusicology specialising in North Indian Classical, Plumm constructs mood driven soundscapes, gritty timbres and eccentric performances.

This is a vocal loop set recorded in Plumm's shed.

"The ability the voice allows us to breach past many styles, tonalities, emotions and pitches and so this new project of mine is a work into how we can expand this capability.

The beauty of the voice is it is so versatile and can cut through each other well and so throughout my looping pedals I am creating a different type of sound world, completely “instrumentalising” the voice."

Plumm is a World Heart Beat Music artist studying tabla at the academy. For further info, visit

Photo credits to Matilda Hill-Jenkins


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24 May, 11.00am ongoing

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