Play Dead London

Contestants! Please go to the Di(e)ary Room!


Come and join us for a fun and interactive Murder Mystery event - performed LIVE on ZOOM.

This is Play Dead London's third Murder Mystery show that has been produced for online viewing from your own living rooms!

It's 2000 and the brand new reality show "We're Watching You' is just about to reach it's climatic finale! Kim Kingston is ready to announce the winner and the final contestants have now assembled....well almost all of them, one of them hasn't turned up.....

How it works?

- You will receive a ZOOM link - approx 1 hour before your show

- You will watch the story unfold with your guide Detective Slaughter

- You will have the chance to interrogate the suspects in small breakout rooms

- You will try and guest who the murderer was!

- The whole show runs approx. 1 hour

The sale of EVERY ticket - £2 will go to support local community charities – Charities will be announced on Play Dead London’s social media.


Theatre / Performance



Event Dates

26 August, 12.00pm ongoing
Contestants! Please go to the Di(e)ary Room!