Play Dead London

POSKA - Parents of Super Kids Association

Come and join Play Dead London for their 4th Murder Mystery, set in 2024! This is a fun, interactive, immersive theatre experience, where the audience play the detectives, interrogating the suspects, examining evidence and piecing together the motive and opportunity of the MURDERER!

Teams will work together to solve the mystery and win a prize!

Dressing up as your favourite superhero is optional but absolutely encouraged!

Don't take our word for it - audience reviews from past productions:

The structure worked so well, especially the segments where each table got to question the suspects individually and then feedback to room. The extra clues provided later was a nice touch that added twists and turns and kept the audience engaged. The acting was superb!


The way the event was constructed was really clever, with clues sprinkled around which you could put together to work out murderer and motive, but none of them standing out so you had to work quite hard and spot some little things to put it together. The actors were great, providing enough information without signposting anything. Plus it was very funny, with lots of little jokes and amusing references throughout!


The Bedford: 5 May, 7.00pm — 9.30pm
Tickets: £16.25
The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill
SW12 9HD
Tel 07782 134914


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5 May, 7.00pm

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