Timotei Cobeanu

If Mouth Could Speak

Accompanied by a searing musical score of deep electronica and jazz, If Mouth Could Speak is a poetic monologue slicing laser-deep into the brain of a young immigrant troubled by suicide. Amidst torrents of beat poetry and dizzying electronics, London becomes a woman whom with Danny unravels the hassle of urban life: sex, pollution, homesickness and isolation. As the night wears thin, Danny's bipolarity intensifies... This is his comatose brain going back and forth in time, coming back to life.


Sense Assembly is an emerging multi-arts collective that combines new writing with eclectic forms of music, theatre and poetry.

Written by Timotei Cobeanu

Directed by Michael Crean

Music by Michael Crean

Running time: 35 minutes.


'A hypnotic and moving avalanche of text with sumptuous music and light. Go!' - Christopher Brett Bailey (This Is How We Die; Kissing The Shotgun Goodnight)

‘Powerful and beautiful words in equal measure last night as the future of performance poetry was on display.’ – Jason Hall (GBS, Theatre503; Royal Court Writing Tutor)

The Cat's Back: 15 May, 7.00pm — 7.35pm
Tickets: £9.00
Concessions: £7.50
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN
Tel 07535-601-259


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15 May, 7.00pm

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