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Kiran Saggu: Slack (Work In Progress)

23 June
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Kiran Saggu sat on a stepladder, surrounded by DIY equipment

Kiran Saggu hates hard work. So she’s created, rehearsed and is ready to perform an entire show to tell you just that. Fake it till you make it, I guess?

Where does this pressure to work hard come from, and why does it come easier for some than others? Kiran fights the forces of her immigrant background, her capitalist American/British influences and her love of attention against her innate desire to just lay down and eat snacks off a carefully balanced plate on her stomach.

Despite being a lazy git - she’s the kinda girl that’ll refrain from trashing Kendall Jenner on Twitter in case they end up being in the same social circles in a couple years.

This show will cover topics like: are social climbing and clout-chasing Olympic qualifying sports? How can I live with the fact that I didn’t start that YouTube channel at 12 to make me a millionaire now? And how do I sue the Daily Mail?

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The Exhibit
12 Balham Station Road, London, SW12 9SG
23 June, 4.30pm — 5.30pmBook A Ticket
Tickets: £7.00
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Live Indoor
Kiran Saggu sat on a stepladder, surrounded by DIY equipment

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