Social Media

Social media can be a great way to promote your WAF event and connect with fellow artists.

Please send images and video of your show, rehearsals, workshops, set etc. to and we can post them on our WAF social media accounts.

Below are some top tips for how to vary your event marketing across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Facebook can be a great way to get to a local audience, and can be a successful platform for ticket sales, especially with families and older audiences.

  1. Like our Facebook Page: Wandsworth Art Fringe
  2. Tag us and your venues in your posts
  3. Create a Facebook Event and make Wandsworth Arts Fringe a co-host 
  4. Share your events to local Facebook groups and pages
  5.  Join the WAF Contributors Facebook Group


Twitter is a great place to let other businesses know what you're up to and share regular updates. Make sure to support your fellow WAF participants and retweet their events!

  1. Follow us on Twitter @WAFfringe
  2. Tag us in your posts (So we can share them!)
  3. Use our hashtag #WAF2024

Where possible insert a picture and a link (e.g. to your listing, ticketing site or your own website - shorten the url*)

* Make the most of the twitter character limit by shortening your links using a url converter e.g.

example tweets

1. We’re getting ready to take part in #WAF2024 - We will be presenting (NAME OF YOUR EVENT) at (NAME OF VENUE – LINKED) on (DATE) get your tkts (WEB ADDRESS) #WAF2024 #(AREA: i.e. TOOTING)

2. 15 tickets left! You know you want to. Grab one here (LINK) #WAF2024 #(AREA) #(VENUE)

3. Our posters and flyers have arrived! Very excited (attach image) #WAF2024


Instagram is a great place to post high quality pictures and videos to a wide audience.

  • Follow us on Instagram @wandsworthartsfringe
  • Tag us in your posts
  • Use our hashtag #WAF2024
  • Add your venue to the post as the location

There are 4 ways to share content on Instagram:

  • Posts - a Post on Instagram has to include an image/video. This can be a good place to share high quality photos of your event and poster. You can't include a functioning link in your Post text, but it is possible to include one link in your Instagram biography. Linktree is a useful way to make the most of the one biography link. Location can be used to connect your post to people nearby. 
  • Stories - a Story on Instagram is an image/video that lasts for 24 hours. This is a good place to share your messy behind the scenes photos, so that your audience can feel involved with your journey. It is possible to add a link to your story and so make sure to include the link to buy/book your event.
  • Reels - these are short videos (90 secs or less) and can quickly help you reach a new audience.
  • Live - this is for live video streaming and allows you to maintain a direct line with your audience.

Social Media Content Scheduling

Social media can be a highly effective part of your digital marketing strategy, but it can also be massively time consuming. These tools will help you plan, implement and improve your social media efforts efficiently:

Meta Business Suite:

For scheduling posts simulataneously on Instagram and Facebook in advance.

Tweetdeck: TweetDeck (

Allows you to schedule tweets in advance and manage multiple Twitter accounts.


A useful URL shortener which also provides you with useful click stats on where people clicked on your link and how much traffic it generated. It works for links to your own website and also for links to other’s websites and resources. Create a free account so you can review all of the performance of the bit links you created over the last 30 days.

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