Partnerships provide many benefits, such as promoting your event to a new audience. You may have some partnerships in place already – with certain organisations, services, local networks, venues etc. or you may want to develop some specifically for the Fringe.

Some points to consider when establishing partnerships:

Identify what you are trying to achieve

  • Do you want to link with other venues or events locally, and start signposting local audiences to each other’s events?
  • Do you want to grow a new audience demographic – for example work with small children? If so, you may want to forge partnerships with people already working in this area.

What you can offer/what you can ask for
Partnerships need to be mutually beneficial so make sure that the perceived value of what you offer matches what you ask for.

Ideas include:

  • Coverage in print communications (flyers/posters, etc.)
  • Coverage on website
  • Promotion on social media
  • Access to third party database
  • Coverage on e-newsletters
  • Branding at venue/event

Identify your potential partners. These may include:

  • A media partner can bring significant mutual benefits, such as access to each other’s audiences. Talk to them about what they would like to achieve and how you can access their audience.
  • A venue could provide you with press contacts, access to their mailing list, inclusion in their programme as well as knowledge of the potential audience. 
  • Other Fringe Participants. Linking with other fringe participants is vital – you can share knowledge, good practice, audiences and marketing distribution.


Establish mutual communication

  • Allow time to create your relationship. Have meetings early on to establish a joint campaign. Learn about each others’ work.
  • Be flexible! Flexibility of time and objectives are key to a successful partnership.

Time and budget (for all partners)

  • Agree your timelines and any projected costs that may be incurred so you can set expectations

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