Anna Galek

The Green Coat

A simple story of a love torn apart by war. This melody tells the true story of a green coat. Its owner was a simple man, who once lent the coat to another simple man, and they became friends, simply. After several years, the war broke out and nothing was simple anymore.

Not one word is uttered, instead sound effects are responsible for the narrative. Live music emphasizes the emotional states of the characters; it creates a unique aura. The actions of the characters, every movement of the table, the thump of wooden boxes, the pattern of puppets’ feet, breaths – these are all written into the sheet music of the touching melody.

The Cat's Back: 07 May, 8.00pm — 8.50pm,
The Cat's Back: 09 May, 8.15pm — 9.05pm
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


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