Hercules Fisherman

Sumi Live Paintings and Workshops

Hercules will be exhibiting his work and will be painting live by appointment — in his distinct and special pop-up atelier style drawing traditional Sumi Painting — using his much-loved Ironing Board support which he has chosen and pioneered as an ideal adjustable worktop surface on which to create artwork. This will be booked by appointment in Square Gallery London.

Hercules will also be doing popup live paintings across the festival at different indoor and outdoor venues.

Hercules Fisherman is a multimedia visual artist, exhibition and event originator and presenter, publisher and technologist. All-around and adventurous creator and entrepreneur.

Check back daily during the festival for details.


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Event Dates

8 May, 12.00pm — 9.00pm

9 May, 12.00pm — 9.00pm

10 May, 12.00pm — 9.00pm

Tel 07799 641948