Louise Reay

Louise Reay: Hard Mode

Imagine how you’d act if you were always being watched? Imagine if you could not speak freely? Imagine if the Chinese government bought the BBC?

Hard Mode is a provocative new satire about censorship in which the audience experiences life as an artist in an authoritarian regime. Yay!

Comedy meets immersive theatre in a brand new show from award winning comedian Louise Reay.

Nominee- Edinburgh Fringe Groundbreaker Award 2016

Nominee- Brighton Fringe Award 2016

"Louise Reay can legitimately claim to be unique." - The Independent

"Truly fantastic, utterly out there." - Al Murray

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The Arches at St Mary's Church: 10th May 2017 - 9.30PM to 10.30PM,
The Arches at St Mary's Church: 11th May 2017 - 8.00PM to 9.00PM
The Arches at St Mary's Church
High Street
SW15 1SN


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