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Do You See What I See?

10 June — 25 June
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A line drawing of two puffins with the lower part of the image erased representing the artists sight impairment

An art exhibition demonstrating the realities of living with visual impairment while heightening public awareness of sight loss.

The collection counters public preconceptions that visual disability precludes the creation of beautiful and creative art and showcases the talent of the artists in a remarkable way.

Works will include paintings, photography, prints, icons and braille art by artists (many with visual impairments themselves) who were involved in the 'Windows Of the Soul' exhibition at The Bloomsbury Festival in October 2021, and will also also support the 'Windows Of The Soul' workshops on 19 June at Tara Theatre.

The concept was pioneered by Dr Caroline Kilduff and Mr Siegfried Wagner, doctors who both became fascinated by the visual experience described by patients with sight loss. Over time, they began to imagine these experiences represented through artwork. They teamed up with artist Lindsey Whitelaw and curator Jane Clipston and have created an exceptional collection.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through the Wandsworth Grant Fund.

Event Dates Live in Venue

Outlined Gallery
14 Embassy Gardens, Union Square, Nine Elms, London, Greater London, SW11 7AX
10 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
11 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
15 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
16 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
17 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
18 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
22 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
23 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
24 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
25 June, 10.00am — 10.00pm
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Art / ExhibitionsFree Event




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detail of a tarantula on a pistol against a blue background
detail of a tarantula on a pistol against a blue background
A colourful braille alphabet
A goldfinch drawn in pencil with the lower part of the drawing erased representing the artists vision
A blue landscape with waves at night

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