Garry Roost

Warhol: Bullet Karma

10 June
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Comedy - Theatre / Performance

Warhol Bullet Karma

Take a trip back in time to The Factory... a lesson in pop culture history!

'Warhol: Bullet Karma' is a darkly-witty solo show stuffed full of great characterisations from Warhol's artistic heyday. Meet American pop art icon Andy Warhol, and the woman who shot him, Valerie Solanas. See what Lou Reed, Capote, Edie Sedgwick and Francis Bacon have to say about Drella and what HE says about them!

"Andy Warhol's ego would have loved this one man show all about him!" - Sara Darling, Brighton Fringe, 2021.

"'Warhol: Bullet Karma' is a masterclass in bold simplicity and is worth any theatre goers time." - Voicemag UK, Edfringe 2021 ★★★★

"It takes guts to take on Andy Warhol. Garry Roost not only takes him on., but masters him." - Broadwaybaby - GMFringe 2021 ★★★★

The performance lasts approx. 55 minutes and is available to watch On Demand Online Digital Theatre 24/7 throughout the festival.

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10 June, 12.00pmBook A Ticket Remind me
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Tickets: £6.00 Concessions: £5.00

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Warhol Bullet Karma
Warhol Bullet Karma
Warhol Bullet Karma
Warhol Bullet Karma Play Cover image
Warhol Bullet Karma

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