Sheba Montserrat

Shackles, The Whip and The Drum: The Creation of Caribbean Dance

26 June
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Comedy - Dance - Spoken Word (Poetry) / Books

heba Montserrat in a very wide brimmed hat and white blouse

A one-woman show on the features of Caribbean dance and its role in African survival.

Using storytelling, poetry and comedy, this show charts the journey of guardian spirits, Rhythm and Dance, as they guide Africans through enslavement in the Caribbean.

Hear about and feel the crucial role rhythm and dance played as an emotional outlet for the enslaved. The show details how the tools of slavery shaped the features of Caribbean dance and how and why it differs from West African dance.

This interactive, multidisciplinary show narrates Caribbean history through dance as well as uplift, educate, inspire and entertain.

Event Dates Live in Venue

Royal Academy of Dance (Studio Theatre)
188 York Road, London, SW11 3JZ
26 June, 7.30pm — 8.30pmBook A Ticket Remind me
Tickets: £15.00 Concessions: £12.00


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ComedyDanceSpoken Word (Poetry) / Books


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Tel: 07730469713
Sheba Montserrat in a white headwrap, gold choker and large hoop earrings.

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