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Opera in the Park

12 June
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Children / Family - Music

Four singers outdoors on a stage, a man sings and the others look on concerned

Friendship... Betrayal... Intrigue... Love... Laughter... Mischief...!

Rogue Opera’s Opera in the Park presents the best (and worst) characters in opera, taking you though the big tunes, the tear-jerkers, the crowd-pleasers and, of course, the drinking songs.

From the classics, to the greatest hits you didn’t know you knew, to our favourite hidden gems, you'll be introduced to some of opera's infamous heroes, villains, lovers, jokers. martyrs and losers. With English dialogue woven throughout and all pieces sung in the original languages (plus an online program with translations) this is a great show for the opera buff or opera-curious alike, with music from Bizet, Donizetti, Mozart, Puccini, Rossini, Verdi and more.

And while Opera is all about larger-than-life characters embroiled in high drama, the performers can be pretty Diva-like too! Rogue Opera’s cast of 5 will take you on a journey not only through their favourite opera personas, but also give you a behind the scenes, tongue-in-cheek look inside the world of the opera archetypes: “The Soprano”, “The Mezzo”, “The Tenor”, “The Baritone” and “The one on the piano”.

Catch this show for one night only at WAF before Rogue Opera heads off on tour around the UK!

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Furzedown Recreation Ground
Ramsdale Rd, Furzedown, SW17 9BP
12 June, 5.00pm — 7.00pmBook A Ticket Remind me
Tickets: £14.50 Concessions: £7.50


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Tel: 07739721086
Man playing piano, smiling, with the tenor standing over him looking at the music, upset
Man playing piano, smiling, with the tenor standing over him looking at the music, upset
The tenor (man) sings a famous opera drinking song, standing tall and gesturing with a beer stein
A male singer holds the female singer tenderly around her waist from behind as she sings a love song

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