Beatrice Boivineau

Kenbu Tenshinryu: Japanese Sword of Peace

18 June
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Kenbu Tenshinryu performance in Japan, 2019

What if, in a world in turmoil, we return to our original essence?

What if, after having let go of all the pressures and tensions of the outside world, we find our inner light, our vital energy, to find true freedom and fully express our potential?

What if, rather than pointing out our differences and opposing each other, we enrich each other with our diversity, and find ourselves in the great universal family, together with our fellow human beings, and with all forms of life?

This is the purpose of Kenbu Tenshinryuu, sword art created by Master Hiroyuki Aoki.

We will start the workshop with a Japanese warm up, then practice with a wooden sword to learn some basic cuts and a simple kata (form), ending with a short demonstration at the end of the class with a metallic (non-sharp) sword.

Beatrice Boivineau lived in Japan for 11 years, where she became Kenbu Tenshinryu 3 dan instructor. She moved to London in 2019 and is now the director of Tenshintaido Kooki dojo, in which she teaches Kenbu Tenshinryu, Tenshintaido. She also does Shiatsu massage and calligraphy.

Open to adults and children from 14+ and limited to 6 participants.

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Balham Library
16 Ramsden Road, London, SW12 8QY
18 June, 2.00pm — 4.00pmBook A Ticket Remind me
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In Kenbu Tenshinryu, we practice katas (forms) and also kumitachis (practice with a partner) with a wooden sword.
In Kenbu Tenshinryu, we practice katas (forms) and also kumitachis (practice with a partner) with a wooden sword.
We use a wooden sword for beginners, from 15 years old
Kenbu Tenshinryu is practiced is practiced by both women and men. Ladies, don't be shy and express your feminine power

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