Marcus Megastar

The Grand Debut

Marcus Megastar: The Grand Debut (Family Friendly)

NOT TO BE MISSED! Marcus Megastar is bringing his glitz, glamour & jaw-dropping looks (literally!) to turn up the Saturday Night party with new show "The Grand Debut" written especially for The Wandsworth Arts Festival.

A POP SPECTACULAR with new music from some of the team behind hits for the likes of Kylie Minogue & Dina Carroll in jaw-dropping show-stopping prosthetics filmed from our very own gorgeous The Clapham Grand.

Prepare to BE bedazzled & left utterly flabbergasted!

GET YOUR DANCING SHOES ON! Pour yourself a drink & join the party from your living room! Marcus Megastar is out to entertain you!

Family friendly 6+ probably best

Event Dates Online Media

Marcus Megastar: Primordial (Family Friendly)25 June, 12.00pm ongoingYouTube Video

Marcus Megastar: The Grand Debut (Family Friendly)10 July, 7.00pmYouTube Video

Now He's Coming To Save The Party
Now He's Coming To Save The Party
Came To Save You From Yourself
Came To Save The World

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Marcus Megastar: Primordial (Family Friendly)

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