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Sunday Morning

Next Date: 27 June

A drawing of an eye resting on an underwater plant - drawing

What was your first thought this morning? Just before you opened your eyes… This digital show and online workshop is for anyone who sometimes feels they rush through their day too much.

The 15-minute digital show combines acting, live animation and object theatre, and invites us to look at our morning routines from a new perspective. What happens when we give our senses, dreams and memories more space and voice? Join us for a slightly unusual morning.

For those who want to get creative and delve deeper under the surface of their every day rituals, there will be a two-hour online workshop on 5th July. In the workshop, participants will look behind the scenes of the performance, and will be encouraged to animate their own story using paper cut outs and objects. It’s designed for adults and young people - everyone who wants to spend a creative evening at home, or try different ways of making visual theatre. The workshop will be run on Zoom, and there will be exercises to spark imagination, animation techniques to try, and space to explore your own routines creatively. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information.

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Sunday Morning - digital piece27 June, 11.00am ongoingYouTube VideoRemind me

Sunday Morning - Online Workshop5 July, 7.00pm — 9.00pm — 9.00pm Tickets (Online Event): £5.00
ZoomBook A TicketRemind me

A drawing of an eye resting on an underwater plant - drawing
A drawing of an eye resting on an underwater plant - drawing

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