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SHADOWS/Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence - A Short Film

Sound of Silence, a short film is a story of two friends with different issues. One expresses his pain while the other speaks in silence. How did they manage their trauma?

The one-man play, Shadows, addresses the issue of male abuse, depression and suicide. The play explores the notion that it is okay to ask for help, it is okay for men to express their emotions and feelings because they are human first and foremost.

Event Dates Online Media

Sound of Silence - Trailer25 June, 12.00pmYouTube Video

SHADOWS - a one-man show25 June, 12.00pm ongoing Tickets (Online Event): £11.00
Concessions (Online Event): £7.00
YouTube Video

Sound of Silence - A Short Film10 July, 8.00am ongoingYouTube Video

Imagine of two guys.
Imagine of two guys.
The imagine shows a man in pain, cuffed with shackles
Image is a man reading a letter

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help Mostly Visual
help Relaxed Performance
help Language No Problem
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Sound of Silence - Trailer

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