Holly Delefortrie

Sex Ed Revisited

Who said that the road to sexual enlightenment would be easy..?

Sex Ed Revisited is an empowering piece of improvisational storytelling and comedic gig theatre uncovering missing gaps in knowledge when it comes to female-focused Sex Ed. Created and performed by interactive solo artist Holly Delefortrie.

This hour-long Kylie inspired sex-pop homage takes audiences on a journey exploring our own anatomy, our relationships with pleasure, kinks and sexual romanticisms.

Gone are the days of attempting to put condoms on cucumbers, whilst wearing kaleidoscopic beer goggles. A retelling of sex education unlike any you have ever experienced before. An uplifting female-driven show for all genders and sexualities, specifically targeting those 80s–90s kids who still have unanswered questions when it comes to sex and their bodies!

Holly Delefortrie is an interactive solo artist who creates audience participatory theatre about relatable taboos that are core to being human. Holly's shows use clowning, confessional storytelling and live interactive games, blended with stand-up comedy.

As part of #WAF2021 Sex Ed Revisited will be hosting its first work in progress showing.

Event Dates Live in Venue

The Arches at St Mary's Church / 29 June, 7.30pm — 8.30pmTickets: £12.00
Concessions: £10.00
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The Arches at St Mary's Church / 1 July, 7.30pm — 8.30pmTickets: £12.00
Concessions: £10.00
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Performer Holly Delefortrie has drawn on glasses and her hair is in bunches. In one hand she holds condoms, balloons and a microphone, the other hand is raised as if to ask a question.  Holly is in front of green-chalkboard with pictures of uterus, vulva and sperm behind her.

Event Information

The Arches at St Mary's Church
High Street
SW15 1SN


ComedyTheatre / Performance


Live Indoor


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