Ballet Soul



Artistic Director Ben Love gives Shakespeare's brutal and gripping tragedy the Ballet Soul treatment in this edgy and evocative reimagining, with a dazzling original score by British jazz legend Julian Joseph.

The film transports us to modern Britain, where high flying media man Othello is taking London by storm. He is a passionate and powerful African man, married to the love of his life, Desdemona...

Dancers: Brandon Lee Sears, Daiana Andres, Melody Tamiz, Isaac-Lee Baker, Jordan Ajadi, Mattia Sala, Sophie Chinner

Director and Choreographer: Ben Love

Composer: Julian Joseph

Creative Director & Costume: Xeniya Shalimova

Filmmakers: Calum Brown & Luke Parker

Project Manager: Hannah Bixby

Produced by James Joseph

Filmed by Blueboard Productions

Let us know what you think on Twitter: @balletsoul

Supported by a WAF Grant through Wandsworth Grant Fund and Wandsworth Borough Council.

Event Dates Online Media

Othello2125 June, 12.00am ongoingYouTube Video

Dancer in the centre of the frame doing a split jump.

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