Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin 1974 Fine Art

An exhibition of acrylic and oil city scapes. I have painted and drawn some City scapes from Europe and the Americas over the last 7 years, from famous landmarks to not so familiar places, works include pictures from the internet and live on location.

My name is Mark Goodwin, I am an artist from Hampton hill, ,London. I work with acrylic and oils.

I have been an Artist for 7 years now, I have a Diploma in Art and Design B-Tec level 3 at Lambeth college 2017.

My styles of work include that of the masters, Italian Renaisance, city landmarks, wildlife, still life and expressionism art.

At this year's Wandsworth Arts Fringe, I will be celebrating my city scape paintings in acrylic and oil. Works are from various cities around the world. All works are for sale, Please contact me for prices. 07928673370.

I will be showing a live video of my work in my studio at home and talking you through the various pieces of art.

Please join me on June 25th 12pm 2021.

Thank you

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An exhibition of famous landmarks25 June, 12.00pmFacebook LinkAn exhibition of famous landmarks

Mark Goodwin artist25 June, 12.00pmFacebook Link

The National Gallery, London

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Tel 07928 673370

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