Simon Waterfield

Cancer, You are messing with my head!

Well, I never expected that!

Cancer of any sort is a difficult thing to manage physically.

What it does to your mind though is quite startling! Not only the patient’s mind, but the minds of family and friends. Its ripples spread everywhere.

Thoughts and emotions change in a dramatic way…

Should I be thinking these thoughts?

Why am I thinking like this?

Am I going mad?

I cannot imagine anyone else thinks like this!

In an effort to sort himself out Simon has written a book of short stories exploring how he feels as both a cancer survivor and friend of cancer patients.

Ripple in Still Water: Reflections on life with Cancer.

Come and listen to some of these stories, whether you have cancer or whether you know someone who has! Join in a conversation and share your thoughts!

Perhaps, hopefully, you will realise that you are not alone and that you can take some comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Simon is no councillor or expert or purveyor of remedies.

He just hopes by sharing that he can put people more at ease with their thoughts and emotions, and that they can communicate better with each other.

All proceeds from the book and the Festival performances will go to the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

Event Dates Live in Venue

St Mary Magdalene Hall / 30 June, 7.30pm — 8.30pmTickets: £10.00
Concessions: £7.00
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St Mary Magdalene Hall / 3 July, 3.30pm — 4.30pmTickets: £10.00
Concessions: £7.00
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Cancer causes ripples.
Cancer causes ripples.
Cancer causes ripples.  My book is called Ripple in Still Water

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St Mary Magdalene Hall
St. Mary Magdalene Church
Trinity Road
SW17 7HP


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