Beatrice Boivineau

Calligraphy Initiation - Discover and Try Chinese Calligraphy

Do you know that Chinese writing is over 3200 years old?

Do you know what are the 4 treasures of the calligrapher?

Do you want to draw kanjis?

Yes? This workshop is for you!


A presentation of history, writing styles, tools, composition of ideograms. (60 mins)

A practical exercise - we will write some ideograms, old and new (60 mins)

Required tools:

Paint brush and ink or paint, several sheets of paper.

Beatrice Boivineau lived in Japan for 11 years where she became Calligrapher & Martial Arts Instructor of Tenshintaido & Japanese Sword (Kenbu Tenshinryu). She is a member of Master Aoki Calligraphy school in Japan from 2008 and a Shiatsu massage healer. Having participated in more than 15 calligraphy exhibitions in Japan and China she has and won several awards for her work. She held her first personal exhibition in Tokyo in 2019 and was also the assistant of a Japanese calligraphy teacher.

Beatrice moved in London in August 2019 and is the founder of Tenshintaido Kooki dojo , in which she teaches Tenshintaido/Shintaido, Japanese Sword (Kenbu Tenshinryu) and meditation.

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WAF 2021 - Calligraphy Initiation - Beatrice Boivineau28 June, 9.30am — 11.30am Tickets (Online Event): £12.00
Concessions (Online Event): £8.00
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This is the shodoo class in Japan where I was the assistant of the Japanese teacher
This is the shodoo class in Japan where I was the assistant of the Japanese teacher
Ideogram of the child, modern and ancient writings
My personal Calligraphy exhibition in Tokyo in 2019
Master Hiroyuki Aoki and I in front of my calligraphy which received an award in February 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

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