Hannah Need, Storyteller of Southfields

Any stories

Any stories

Right now remembering what day it is, is challenging enough so let’s keep it simple, ‘Any Stories’ is a storytelling show where no-one knows what will happen, at least not yet. So why not come along and see how it plays out?

Join Hannah Need, Storyteller of Southfields, for an evening of superb storytelling. You’ll escape into stories, traditional tales will have a twist, personal anecdotes, observations and perhaps a smattering of news will be skillfully added to the mix. A few happy endings will even be thrown in

If you’d like to know more...Imagine its March 2021, we’re in the midst of Lockdown, concentration is fleeting, zoom overdoses are common and cabin fever is rife. So how can plans be made for a storytelling show in June? Don't you love deadlines? Then an idea, ’I’ll just keep it simple, tell any stories that pop into my head’. Its an exciting idea, the stories will be pertinent, heartfelt and will leave you with a smile on your face

On the night just go to the World Storytelling Cafe website and click on the link for Today's Stories. If you can make a donation for the show please pop a tip in the storyteller's virtual hat on their website

This show is brought to you in partnership with The World Storytelling Café

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Any stories30 June, 8.00pmYouTube Video

Any stories
Any stories
World Storytelling Cafe

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