Garry Roost

Warhol: Bullet Karma The Factory (extract)

Garry Roost as Andy Warhol

In this 20 min clip from Ode to Life Art Festival Podgorica Montenegro: Take a trip back in time to The Factory, with Warhol and other important figures for a lesson in pop culture history!

A darkly witty take on the American icon of pop art, Warhol: Bullet Karma looks at Warhol's early life and his obsessive determination to "become famous".

We see Andy moving to New York and getting his dream job as a commercial artist. The factory explodes into life with ideas, concepts, wild parties, and the shooting by Valerie Solanas that shook the pop art world.

Roost really brings these characters to life "his Solanas bitter and spiteful, his Francis Bacon, hilariously pompous ", he unfolds the story, the lives and tragic losses of those who lived and died in The Factory.

"A tour de force!" -Brian Ritchie - Violent Femmes - MONA Tasmania 2019

"Astonishing written and performative skill." -Syke On Stage ***** - MONA 2019

The published Bullet Karma script is available in print and kindle ebook on Amazon:

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17 May, 4.00pm — 4.20pm ongoing

Garry Roost as Andy Warhol
Garry Roost as Andy Warhol
Garry Roost as Rachel Drag Artist
Garry Roost as Edie Sedgwick