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The Story of Sam King


Sam King MBE was the founder of the Windrush Foundation and first Black Mayor of Southwark.

He was one of Britain's modern social architects who served in World War 2 and came back to Britain on The Empire Windrush in 1948. Then eventually becoming involved in many activities that moved the U.K in a direction where the nation would acknowledge a new type of diversity, culture and politics.

This is an important story to share. One of which offers inspiration, courage, faith and dedication.

Director: Quince Garcia

Editor: Adam Boome

Producer: Black Heroes Foundation

Presenter: Joyce Fraser

Photography: Stephen Cameron


Work experience/at risk volunteers who attended workshops & assisted on shoots etc

Commissioned by and Rights – Black Heroes Foundation

Funded by: Southwark Neighbourhood Fund

Give thanks to


Reverend Michael King - Son of Sam King

Dione McDonald – Granddaughter of Sam King

Patrick Vernon OBE – Mentee of Sam King

Dawn Hill CBE – Chair of the Black Cultural Archives


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