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The Gael Gore!!

Putting the Boo! into Book Readings

Sebastian Melmoth (Ronan Carr), the undisputed heavyweight writer in the North-West attempts to read from his latest novel when an unearthly stranger (Anne Gallagher) interrupts his flow.

As Sebastian would go on to eloquently pen - “Needless to say the event ended needlessly in needless bloodshed”.

Script by Ronan Carr

Cast:- Anne Gallagher and Ronan Carr

Duration:- 12 mins

Mockingbird Theatre are Ronan Carr and Anne Gallagher. For the past couple of years we have performed Ronan’s original plays like “Waiting Tables for Godot” “The Barber of Moville”, “Johnny Cash Made Me Do It” “Emmet of Arabia” and “ The Gael Gore!” to great acclaim all over Ireland.

The company brings theatre into the communities by performing in such places as Barbershops, bookstores, greasy spoon cafes, in fact anywhere that will take us.


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Event Dates

8 May, 12.00pm ongoing
The Gael Gore!

Putting the Boo! into Book Readings
Putting the Boo! into Book Readings
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