#Takeoveryourinbox: Buried Thunder



The University of Surrey’s graduate physical theatre company Buried Thunder had been working on their second professional show, ProCri, commissioned by Fragility for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe festival 2020. As we know, the world has been put on hold and unfortunately ProCri faded out of the spotlight…

Luckily for us, Fragility and WAF didn’t, and we have been given the opportunity by their fantastic teams to create a new project for their now digital festivals!

So, as part of #takeoveryourinbox and WAF in your Living Room, Buried Thunder presents Growth.

Life is a series of relationships, and sometimes they take unexpected directions. How might we grow, so we can make the most difficult decisions?

Growth was made using rehearsal footage from our last R&D session before lock-down, and we couldn't be prouder to share it as a brand-new piece.

For WAF in your living room, you’ll be able to watch Growth AND get involved in a 15-minute workshop! The Buried Thunder company joins you from lock-down to take you through how we made the film. Get involved in your pyjamas, standing up, sitting down, solo or with your dog. However and whatever you like.


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Event Dates

14 May, 10.00pm — 11.00pm ongoing
Growth - You Tube

14 May, 12.00pm — 12.15pm ongoing