Thread and Word

Let's Take a Moment

A Walk in Gravesend supported by LV21

‘Let’sTake a Moment’ is a soundscape of a performative walk in Gravesend led by the artist Elspeth Penfold.

This was part of REFLECT: Arts and Minds, 2019 a project commissioned by LV21 and Sounduk art. Artists were invited to create work which connected with this stretch of the Kent coastline in Gravesend.

Local community, visitors and artists were invited to walk with us through Thread and Word and take part in the celebration of a mindful walking event through the knotting of ropes.

As you listen to the soundscape and watch the slideshow you are invited to knot a rope as a mindful interaction with the sounds you are listening to.

The walking event and soundscape were made with funding support from The Welcome Foundation and Arts Council England.

A Thread and Word Production by the artist Elspeth Penfold and invited artists.


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Event Dates

8 May, 12.00pm ongoing
A Soundscape with photo slide presentation

8 May, 12.00pm ongoing
A slideshow introduction

18 May, 12.00pm ongoing
Limited edition Box set

A Walk in Gravesend supported by LV21
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