Louis Morel

What You See is Your Reality


Digitally made prints and 3D sculptures exploring the line between cute, creepy and well-weird.

One line I’ve always loved to toy with in my artwork is the line in-between cute, creepy and well-weird. I’ve always found with animals that are traditionally ugly – like naked mole rats, some types of bat, and probably the best example is pugs – there’s something about their ugly strangeness that makes them so much more endearing to me. I think that has heavily influenced a lot of my artwork.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing mutants and contorted humanoid creatures. This interest was originally inspired by post-apocalyptic media from cartoons and video games depicting monsters created by radiation or grotesque medical experiments. However, more recently I found far more interesting material looking at old-historical artwork.


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23 May, 10.00am — 10.00pm ongoing

23 May, 10.00am — 11.00pm ongoing