Fragility Takeover: Sky or the Bird


You have a question with a consequence. It cannot be answered yes or no. We have a tarot deck and a team of improv specialists. You ask we read and then we improvise the way it will be.

Signs is a brand new show that divinates your questions with living tarot.

Ask the question turn the card and see the possibilities. You will leave forewarned fortified and entertained. The cards won’t lie and neither shall we - though we ask you to consider your fate is yours to make.

The Arches at St Marys Church: 6 May, 8.30pm — 9.30pm
Tickets: £8.00
Concessions: £6.00
The Arches at St Marys Church
High Street
SW15 1SN


Theatre & Performance
An image of a Tarot card on a picnic bench it is the Knight of Cups
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6 May, 8.30pm

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