Tamasha and Nyla Levy

Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Yasmin feels rage towards the city she used to call home, but Aisha sees a different London to her best friend. When Yasmin suddenly disappears into the arms of ISIS, Aisha must decide whether there is any truth or hope in Yasmin’s new-found world. DMBLBIT takes the audience on a whirlwind flashback journey, in an attempt to understand why Yasmin left, and where she is now.

DMBLBIT is a witty drama that exposes the fragmented nature of our society and how far we are from the myth of multicultural harmony, inspired the girls of Bethnal Green Academy who left for ISIS.

Writer Nyla Levy also directs.

Tamasha aims to spark distinctive social discourse through compelling theatre experiences that place the voices of emerging and established artists from culturally diverse backgrounds centre-stage. Landmark productions include Made In India (2017) and Approaching Empty (2019) winning acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Nyla Levy began writing plays at Leeds University where she studied Theatre & Performance. In 2012 she co-wrote verbatim play, Diferent is Dangerous. Most recently, she joined Ayub Khan-Din in the Writersroom for award winning Channel 4 Drama, Ackley Bridge, to help develop Series 3.

Part of 'I'll Say It Again!'

Tara Theatre: 3 May, 7.30pm — 9.00pm,
Tara Theatre: 4 May, 2.30pm — 5.00pm,
Tara Theatre: 4 May, 7.30pm — 9.00pm
Tickets: £17.50
Concessions: £13.50
Tara Theatre
356 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ES
Tel 020 8333 4457


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