Campaigning for Charlotte – Wandsworth Wonder Woman!

Who was Charlotte Despard? Why is an avenue named after her? What is her legacy in Wandsworth?

Come & hear the amazing story of this activist, suffragist & social reformer who, in 1890 gave up her comfortable home in Surrey to move to one of the poorest districts of London, Nine Elms (now the site of the US Embassy).

Artist collective XAP will entertain you with her exploits, her triumphs & her talents. Through interactive storytelling, they will campaign on her behalf, sharing the story of this remarkable woman who fought for social justice until her death aged 95.

Hear how she turned her front room at 2 Currie Street into a health clinic for mothers & babies, how she organised hot school dinners for hungry children, and how she ran the Despard club, a space to keep young lads safe & off the streets. She tackled the appalling conditions in the workhouses and campaigned for Universal Suffrage. She was thrown into Holloway prison – twice! She travelled to Ireland, Canada and Russia to lend practical support to the campaigns she believed in, inspired by her vision of a society based on equality, justice & respect for all.

Charlotte Despard was a woman with courage, conviction & integrity - hear her story and be inspired!

Sharing Charlottes story
Sharing Charlottes story
Rallying for Charlotte
Rallying in Trafalgar Square
Handing out leaflets

Event Information

Charlotte Despard Avenue
Charlotte Despard Avenue
SW11 5JP


Children / FamilyTheatre / Performance


Live Outdoor

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