Bright Raven!

Bright Raven. She’s here to stir things up. She’s starting a cult-clown-creature revolution. A shake up for these turbulent times. A storm in teacup. A collective washing of the brain. And she wants YOU to join.

Accompanied by a live electronic soundscape, performed by HOAX’s Flavia Bertram made with Stephen Sobal (ALL IN) and Anna-Helena MacClean (MOON FOOL), Bright Raven is a comedic induction into a NEW WORLD ORDER.

(Terms and conditions may apply.)


HOAX is an award winning company of theatre makers. They specialise in provocative contemporary work. They blend text, physical theatre and comedy to give voice to social and ecological issues. They are very serious and very silly.

What people say about HOAX:

“Thank you for making me laugh till I cried and cry till I laughed till I (nearly) made a mess.” - Persephone Pearl, ONCA

“Excels at producing an increasing chaos.” - EXEUNT MAGAZINE

**** "A dark and vivid nightmare founded on human fragility”- THE ARGUS

“Unhinged, uncomfortable, unbridled… genius” - A YOUNGER THEATRE

The Cat's Back: 4 May, 8.00pm — 9.00pm
Tickets: £8.00
Concessions: £5.00
The Cat's Back
86-88 Point Pleasant
SW18 1NN


Theatre & Performance
Bright Raven! invites you to join her revolution. (Terms and conditions may apply.)
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4 May, 8.00pm

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